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About me

My name is Justin Patrick and I’m a freelance writer in Denver, Colorado. I’ve been a scribbler all my life. As a child, I loved to get lost in a book and I could scarcely be found without one in my backpack or on my nightstand. I began writing with professional ambitions at age 14, when I enrolled in a correspondence course with the Institute for Children’s Literature, sending off assignments about bears and bank robbers on a monthly basis.

Justin Patrick went to Brown University in Providence RI

I studied Literary Arts and Political Science at Brown University, combining these subjects in summer internships where I produced campaign literature and policy positions for various elected officials, candidates, and political organizations. I started in college writing fiction but eventually drifted towards nonfiction, which comprises most of my work today, though I try to find time to do both.

Justin Patrick on the ski slope

After graduating from college in 2007 I moved home to Colorado, where I tried my hand as a professional writer, working a healthy list of curious jobs to support my passion. I was first published in the Telluride Daily Planet, the local newspaper in the world-renowned ski town where I lived for almost three years. I covered local news stories, particularly in the realm of adventure/outdoors and local business affairs. In addition to learning the basics of journalism, I was afforded many unique opportunities through my work, including profiling a heli-skiing trip, a guided fly-fishing expedition, rock climbing adventures, and a professional mountain biking tour.

I have since held numerous private contract engagements and have been published independently in an array of publications. Last winter I held a press pass with Colorado Ski Country, the premiere media organization representing 22 ski resorts in the state. I toured mountains across the state cataloguing the Colorado snow sports experience. I was published in the Denver Post this fall after submitting a feature-length article detailing water conservation initiatives in Colorado. I continue to develop my passion for the written word by attending the Aspen Writers’ Foundation Summer Words Festival, where I submit my longer creative works for evaluation by aspiring writers and published authors. Currently I am pounding my keyboard as the Outdoors/Travel Editor for Denver Hotel Magazine, a snazzy nascent print publication that in its second edition will enjoy an estimated readership of 350,000.

I love to write. I am always interested in pursuing writing engagements, however big or small or challenging, and sincerely hope I can become one of the ambitious and lucky few who can call writing my career. I also enjoy meeting and discussing the craft with fellow writers. If you’re a writer in the Denver area hit me up for a coffee or a drink!

Justin Patrick

In addition to writing for profit and pleasure, I spend time skiing, camping, traveling, and relaxing with friends. Thanks for visiting my site. Let me know what you think. Enjoy.